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SME Global Alliance Executives

The new council starting from 2019:

Mr. Jefferson Wat Alliance Chairman
Mr. Hector PangPresident
Dr. Alex LauExecutive Vice President
Mr. Rico ChanVice President
Mr. Ricky LuiVice President
Mr. Alex KuVice President
Ms. Maggie ChauVice President
Mr. Joe TsuiVice President
Mr. Carl ChanVice President
Mr. Richard MakVice President
Mr. Ning Chu

Founding Chairman

Dr. Fellow Tommy LoChaplain, Founding President
Mr. Racky Lam Honorary Vice President 
Mr. Allan Leung Past President 
Mr. Barry ChinLegal Advisor
Mr. Anthony LaiHonorary Legal Advisor
Mr. Richard Lee Honorary Advisor 
Mr. George So Honorary Advisor 
Mr. William EngHonorary Advisor 
Dr. Eddy Lau Honorary Advisor 
Dr. Thomas KwongHonorary Advisor
Mr. Ban WongHonorary Advisor