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零售店鋪營商系列講座 – 評論 Comments

Dear Jefferson,

Glad meeting you again and the other old/new friends at the above seminar yesterday morning.  It was really informative, constructive and impressive sharing. I enjoyed it very much. Well done for your arrangement.

Learning new things and ideas in the market is always part of my enjoyment every day. It definitely broadens my views and knowledge (not just for my role), so that I may share more topics with others when needed, as it totally matches my daily mission of helping others, not just limited to my expertise in financial planning.

I look forward to meeting and sharing more with you guys again in next SME functions.

Warmest Regards,



Peterson Law




  1.環保意識節能系統;2. Google商業照片-用「街景服務」拓展生財之路;3.Facebook宣傳 – 非常實用的電子營銷方法。都是開課開講和做顧問的最前沿資源。

  仁兄 如有新計畫,請知會。謝謝!

                                                                                                   2013.6.27. 何敏