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目标及理念 Vision & Mission
  • 中小企国际联盟提倡「大湾区内同步走、一带一路向前行、从东盟去到欧盟」,辅助中小企成长;
  • 鼓励年轻人创新创业,产生及贡献就业机会,经济增长,提升竞争力;
  • 致力帮助企业引资,配对商务伙伴,拓展市场空间,制造商机;
  • 沟通及配合政府政策,资助培训人材和开拓市场,协助中小企达致成功;
  • 透过不同渠道及方法,沟通全球各业界,缩短距离,拓宽视野,加强商机;
  • 推动香港成为东西方核心,协助企业发展中国与亚洲其他地区的贸易市场;
  • 代表中小企业界向世界各地政府表达声音,实际行动,减少碳排放;
  • 定期邀请商界名人、财经人仕、教授博士等出席餐会讲座,互动联系,与及深入了解市场脉搏,探讨如何创新、制定策略及根治企业管理问题等等。
  • SMEglobal advocates “Marching together in the GBA, so Moving On to the Belt & Road, from ASEAN to European Union” in order to grow the SME;
  • Encourage youths to innovate & possess entrepreneurship, so that they can contribute to job creation and economic growth with competitive advantage;
  • Focus on helping enterprises to get investment, match partners, enlarge the market size, create business opportunities;
  • Communicate & adopt government policies in order to facilitate SME success with appropriate financing on manpower training and market expansion;
  • Increase visibility and opportunity of SME all over the world through working with local and overseas SME chambers of commerce;
  • Promote Hong Kong as a centre for East and West to facilitate business development into the China market and also other regions in Asia;
  • Work with government bodies internationally on SME issues, with actual actions, so as to reduce carbon emission;
  • Invite business celebrities, successful people, academia to our regular seminar & networking, and to explore in depth on market situation, innovation, strategy setting and corporate governance issues.