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環保與健康委員會 Environmental Protection & Health Committee
Environmental Protection and Health Committee (環保與健康委員會)

理念 Vision

宗旨 Objectives﹕

  1. 提供資料讓會員得到「治未病」健康理念。Advocate the idea of Preventive Treatment of Disease to members
  2. 讓會員能建立起健康是可以由自己管理並非全部由醫生管理。Establish the faith that we can control our own health rather than by the doctors
  3. 達到既能愛護地球又符合環保的養生之道。Reach the situation that we can preserve our own health without harming the global environment
  4. 匯聚有心之仕共聚一堂攜手將此理念推廣給有需要之會員參考。Converge the effort to push these concepts to the members with needs

推廣途徑 Promotion﹕

  1. 舉辦定期聚會,聘請專業人士講解養生之道,建立和諧安康的生活 Hold regular gatherings with professional specialists to explain the way to preserve health for a harmony life
  2. 掌握會員的需要及期望,聽取各方意見,從而制定解決方案,藉此締造互動平台。Understand the expectation of members and to listen various opinions to provide a solution platform
  3. 積極連絡社會上推動健康的團體以取得最新醫學發展及推廣給會員知道。Proactively communicate with other organizations to provide the latest information on medical & health development
  4. 建立會員資料庫以便持續與會員連絡。Set up a member database to connect them continuously

組織圖 Organization﹕

Environment Protection & Health Committee (with professional specialists) 


Vice Chairman

Membership Executives Council Members Treasurer 

Members in different industries for growth