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GBA Catering and Food Committee


To be the leading force in the Greater Bay Area's catering and food industry, driving sustainable development in the region's dining sector, enhancing industry competitiveness, and creating exceptional business opportunities for our members.



1. Promote communication and cooperation among catering and food enterprises in the Greater Bay Area, jointly driving the development of the industry.

2. Provide diversified services for members, including professional training, information sharing, and business expansion.

3. Maintain close cooperation with government departments and relevant institutions, reflecting industry needs and seeking policy & funding support.

4. Actively participate in public welfare activities, promoting food safety and healthy concepts.

5. Encourage innovation and environmental protection, pushing for the green development of the catering industry.


Chairperson  Michael Wong

TastesLab Director


Vice Chairperson  Lily Li

TastesLab GBA Co-Founder


Vice Chairperson  Dr. William Lo

TastesLab Consultant


Secretary-General  Joe Yam

TastesLab Consultant