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粵港澳大灣區餐飲食品委員會 GBA Catering & Food Committee
GBA Catering & Food Committee (粵港澳大灣區餐飲食品委員會)






To be the leading force in the Greater Bay Area's catering and food industry, driving sustainable development in the region's dining sector, enhancing industry competitiveness, and creating exceptional business opportunities for our members.



1. 促進粵港澳大灣區餐飲食品企業之間的交流與合作,共同推動行業發展。

2. 為會員提供專業培訓、資訊分享、商務拓展等多元化的服務。

3. 與政府部門和相關機構保持緊密合作,反映行業需求,爭取政策及資源支持。

4. 積極參與社會公益活動,宣揚食品安全和健康的理念。

5. 鼓勵創新和環保,推動餐飲業的綠色發展。



1. Promote communication and cooperation among catering and food enterprises in the Greater Bay Area, jointly driving the development of the industry.

2. Provide diversified services for members, including professional training, information sharing, and business expansion.

3. Maintain close cooperation with government departments and relevant institutions, reflecting industry needs and seeking policy & funding support.

4. Actively participate in public welfare activities, promoting food safety and healthy concepts.

5. Encourage innovation and environmental protection, pushing for the green development of the catering industry. 


主席 Chairperson 黃家俊 Michael Wong

嘗識燃究所 所長 TastesLab Director


副主席 Vice Chairperson 李錦麗 Lily Li

嘗識燃究所 大灣區合伙人 TastesLab GBA Co-Founder


副主席 Vice Chairperson 盧威林 Dr. William Lo

嘗識燃究所 燃究顧問 TastesLab Consultant


秘書長 Secretary-General 任晟 Joe Yam

嘗識燃究所 燃究顧問 TastesLab Consultant