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知识产权委员会 Intellectual Property Committee
知识产权委员会 - 简介
知识产权委员会 Intellectual Property Committee
宗旨 Aim﹕
1. 促进中港地区的知识产权发展、登记注册、维权保护、及融资贸易服务
Advance the IP development, registration, protection, financing & trading in HK and mainland China;
2. 搭建商界及公众与中、港、澳、台、两岸四地政府沟通知识产权事务的桥梁
Build a communication bridge among commercial, public, and governments in mainland China, HK, Macau & Taiwan;
3. 积极反映行业有关知识产权诉求 Proactively reflect IP issues in various industries. 
加入本委员会的好处 Member Benefits :
• 可参予不同主题的知识产权研讨会或午餐讲座:有关知识产权专家、学者或政府官员将会被邀担任该等聚会之讲员 Be a speaker in IP-related seminars, forums, and summits
• 可参予不同代表团:与海外及内地知识产权官员及从业员作高层次洽谈并交流意见
Join as a delegate to exchange ideas with mainland & overseas government officials and practitioners
• 提供免费知识产权管理顾问服务 Provide free-of-charge IP management consulting services
• 提供免费知识产权品牌发展顾问服务 Supply free-of-charge IP Branding consulting services
• 协助转介到适切机构以便处理所面对侵权事宜 Assist in referring appropriate institute to handle torts
• 提供最新有关知识产权资讯,例如侵权、防伪技术等 Furnish the latest IP news, such as infringements, anti-fake technologies, etc.
• 协助会员解决任何有关申请中港及海外知识产权难题(包括:有关 商标、专利、外观设计、版权、软件版权等问题) Assist other members in applying for different IP rights (including trademark, patent, exterior design, copyright, software registration, etc.) in HK, mainland & overseas
• 协助会员处理侵权问题,例如有关网页、网上购物等问题 Assist other members in handling breaches in website design, online shopping, and so on
• 协助会员解决有关知识产权许可授权难题,例如有关知识产权合同或相关文件 Assist other members to solve IP licensing issues, such as IP contracts & related documents
主席:刘帅贤博士 (Dr. Alex Lau)
• 中国政法大学国际法博士
• 香港城市大学中国法与比较法学硕士(良好)
• 北京大学法律学学士
• 香港城市大学法律(荣誉)学士
• 澳门大学社会科学学士
• 获香港特别行政区政府颁授2015年行政长官社区服务奖状(知识产权) ,以表扬他在知识产权方面的热心贡献。
• 香港贸易发展局中国知识产权及品牌顾问
• 香港设计中心知识产权顾问
• 香港特区政府工业贸易署知识产权顾问
• 中小企国际联盟副会长
• 香港和解中心专家委员会委员(科技及知识产权)
• 深圳市民商事调解中心调解专家
• 香港特区政府工业贸易署中小企业客户联络小组委员
• 广东省版权保护联合会会员
• 中小企国际联盟知识产权委员会主席
• 香港特区政府民政事务总署社会企业顾问
• 香港调解资历评审协会调解员
• 香港品牌总商会知识产权顾问
• 专业调解员学会副主席及培训导师
• 现任教浸会大学及澳门大学持续进修学院兼职讲师 
• 曾任教澳门科技大学兼职讲师

1. to enhance the future development of intellectual property in Hong Kong and Mainland China through the provision of a wide range of services, such as registration, anti-piracy, IP trade and financing ;
2. to serve an IP community platform for the commercial sector, the public as well as the government of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan; and
3. to reflect proactively needs from related IP trade stakeholders.
Benefits to Members:
• To participate in seminars or luncheon meetings held on various given topics : related guest speakers such as IP experts, scholars and government officials will be invited to be guest speakers in such events .
• To join various delegations : to have high level contacts and exchange views with overseas government and industry officials, and those in Mainland China
• To provide free advisory services on matters related to management of Intellectual Property Right
• To provide free advisory service on matters related to brand development of Intellectual Property Right
• To refer members to appropriate organizations to solve infringement problems encountered
• To update members, free of charge, with IP related information, such as that on infringement, anti-fake
• To assist members to solve problems related to IP registration in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas (including those related to Trademark, Patent, DR, Copyright, Software Copyright etc.)
• To assist members to cope with infringement problems, such as that of web infringement, internet shopping infringement etc.
• To assist members to solve problems related to the securing of intellectual property licensing agreements, such as problems on IP contracts and related documents
Committee Members:
Chairman:Dr. Alex Lau
Dr. Alex LAU, partner of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Advisory Services Limited (IPAS).  Dr. Lau has gained profound knowledge and experience on the legal aspects of intellectual property market through his involvement in the legal professional industries for over twenty years, and he is an accredited mediator.
Alex is the holder of the following honourable degrees:
• Ph.D (International Law-Competition Law) from China University of Political Science and Law
• Master of Law (Chinese and Comparative Law) from City University of Hong Kong
• LLB from Peking University of PRC
• LLB (Hons) from City University of Hong Kong
• Bachelor of Social Science from University of Macau
Dr Lau was awarded  the 2015 Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service of HKSAR to recognize his remarkable achievements in the area of intellectual property (IP). 
Public Community Services :
Dr Lau has been the IP Advisor of the following organizations for more than 8 years:
•  Branding & IP Advisor (PRC), Hong Kong Trade Development Council
•  IP Advisor, Hong Kong Design Centre
At present, he is the IP Advisor of the following organizations :
• IP Advisor, HKSAR Government Trade and Industrial Department (TID)
• Vice Chairman, SME Global Alliance
• Expert Panel Member (Tech. & IP ), HK Mediation Centre
• Panel Mediator,  Civil and Commercial Meditation Center of Shenzhen
• SME Co-ordinator Group, HKSAR Government Trade and Industrial Department (TID)
• Member, Guangdong Copyright Protection Association
• Chairman, SME Global Alliance Intellectual Property Committee
• Social Enterprises Advisor, HKSAR Government Home Affairs Department
• Mediator, HK Mediation Accreditation Association Limited
• Intellectual Property Consultant, Federation of Hong Kong Brands
• Vice Chairman and Training Instructor, Institute of Mediation
Part-time Lecturer:
• Part-time Lecturer of Bristish University and University of Macau (School of Continue Education) (present)
• Part-time Lecturer of Macau University of Science and Technology (former)