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企業家委員會 Entrepreneur Committee
Entrepreneur Committee (企業家委員會)









To create an atmosphere with more chances to encourage SME to foster and flourish Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity.

To connect the young entrepreneurs in mainland and foreign countries to explore collaborative win-win schemes for expanding the market reach.


To proactively organize seminars, courses, together with visits and exhibitions to enrich entrepreneurship, knowledge and skill, so as to instill confidence and inspire momentum for developing a grand prospect. To further encourage participation, interaction, and cooperation, in order to cross over the out-of-the-box boundaries.

To provide startup opportunities and a development platform to those who are first time entrepreneurs, not only within Hong Kong, but also into mainland, especially the second and third tier cities, or even going abroad to get capital and partners, for building a ground and space for concrete association.

To equip the veteran entrepreneurs with innovative methods and experimental occasions to improve and promote new products, for the purpose of a base and springboard entering different markets.


主席 Chairman

蘇國榮 (會計師) Edward So (CPA)



Edward So & Co., EasiView, EasiView Management, and EasiWin Property Investment Ltd.

創辦人 Founder

香港中區工商業聯合會 Hong Kong Central District Commerce And Industry Association 

創會會長 Founding Chairman 
國際資產及風險管理協會 International Assets and Risk Management Association創會會長 Founding Chairman

香港會計師公會 The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants 

資深執業會計師 Fellow CPA Practising 
英國特許公認會計師公會 The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants資深會計師 Fellow CPA
香港財務策劃師學會 Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong  註冊財務策劃師 Certified Financial Planner 
香港銀行學會 The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers  專業會員 Professional member 
遺產規劃人員協會 Estate Planning Practitioners Ltd.遺產規劃師 Associate of Estate Planning Practitioner
Heriot-watt University工商管理碩士 Master of Business Administration 
University of London  經濟學學士(榮譽)Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics 
國家稅務總局深圳市稅務局  前海執業稅務師 
副主席 Vice Chairman陳文章 Rico Chan 
 商軟有限公司 Businsoft Ltd.董事 Director