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教育及培训委员会 Education & Training Committee
Education and Training Committee (教育及培训委员会)

计划推出中小企成长学院 Plan to establish a SME Growth Academy

  • 宣扬共同成长、众筹成功理念 Advocate the idea to grow together and to succeed with crowd-sourcing
  • 建立具能力和成熟的营运方法 Initiate a method to operate with certain levels of capability & maturity
  • 培养一起发展的生态系统 Nurture an ecosystem to evolve jointly

一个获取适当知识、技能和资源的网络来促进成长的平台。A platform to acquire relevant knowledge, appropriate skills and resource network to foster growth.

服务包括 Services include:

  • 培训、启蒙训练及骇客松等 Guidance, Enlightenment Training, Hackathon, etc.
  • 讲座、论坛及展览等 Seminar, Forum, Exhibition, and so on
  • 研究专访及考察等 Research Survey, Visit, and other supporting activities

主题 Major Themes:

  • 科技 Technology
  • 以人为本 Humanity
  • 价值主张 Value Proposition
  • 独特性 Uniqueness
  • 敏捷 Agility
  • 适应力强 Resilient
  • 领导能力 Leadership
  • 全球视野 Global Visionary